Visual design

FLOWSPARKS – Logo & Styleguide

I designed a logo for FLOWSPARKS, a responsive learning platform. And I layed the groundwork for a living styleguide to establish the direction for design and development.



I made a series of visuals for a social media campaign to create awareness around learning formats at UNI-Learning.


E-learning page templates – concept & design

I developed the style for a set of e-learning page templates. I used a cool geometric indie web tool to create unique patterns that would put emphasis on the content and simulate depth on the page.


IP is everywhere

I developed a visual concept to create an online awareness campaign about intellectual property for the BOIP.


Playstation 4 Advertisement Interpretation Survey

A group assignment during the master course was the development and testing of a print advertisement. We chose to develop an advertisement for an important feature of the new Playstation 4, playing on integrated devices.

The target group is 15-30 year old videogame players. And the promise was: ‘Extending fun beyond the PS4 to integrated devices’. A creative process led to this topic and eventually to this metaphor. The intended interpretation we were after is that the PS4 lets you play anywhere, anytime on integrated devices. Multiple versions with variations in tagline and presence of context elements of the ad were created. The ad was tested through a survey on interpretation, comprehension, and attitude towards the ad.

The entire development and testing process was pitched in front of a jury of three experts. Our advertisement was elected as the winner based on visual appeal, thorough research, and the strength and possibility of extension of the concept.

My responsibility in this project was the development of the visual, delivering a creative concept together with the team and pitching the final advertisement in front of the jury.


All you can smoke, sniff or eat

An awareness campaign for the dangers of drug usage in traffic in assignment of Veilig Verkeer Nederland. Young drivers between 18-25 years old are challenged to upload a photo or video of their most exciting, surprising, or spectacular drugs experience. The prize: a weekend of ‘All you can smoke, sniff or eat.’ The winner is allowed to try any drugs he wants together with 4 friends during a weekend in a villa. The viewers are not aware of the messenger.

The aim is to generate a lot of media attention through this controversial prize. This is achieved via an online viral campaign on Facebook in combination with guerilla advertising on the streets. A video with all the user generated content is composed where the viewer goes through a full drugs trip, when suddenly he is in a car accident. Shocking statistics are shown to make the viewer aware of the dangers of drug usage in traffic.

The main message: ‘Don’t smoke, sniff or eat when you have to drive.’